Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Metroid Other M - new gameplay video

This game looks totally amazing and definitely my most wanted game so far this year.


Travis Hendricks said...

Now that we've actually seen some real gameplay of this game it has moved up from position #2 on my most wanted list to position #1. Obviously Mario Galaxy is #2 now.

Anonymous said...

metroid other m is amazing but not galaxy 2 amazing,but nintendo have to fill that void they have always had racing games yes a collaboration with a decent studio like summo digital to make nintendos version of FORZA,GT,xbox1 and ps2 both weaker than cube in pure graphical grunt did a fine job infact the far superior wii hasnt had a racing game 3/4 as good as the best last gen sort it out £20 million should be able to do the job sell it for £40 with aim for 1 million sales its possible i mean forza 1 had big polygon count yet cube can do more so wii can do an amazing racing game e.g 500 cars at 100,000 polygons,4x anti alaising,full screen normal mapping,damage deformation,ect