Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Conduit 2 announced

From the new Nintendo Power:

- Set in Atlantis
- Other locations include Siberia, Agartha, Washington D.C.
- Team is focusing on art/story
- New gameplay types for online
- Bounty Hunter mode returning
- Different character classes, each has unique attributes
- Can unlock suit upgrades (ex: robotic legs that let you sprint farther)
- WiiSpeak support
- High Voltage, for now, has decided “to have one primary suit slot and two secondary slots where you can equip upgrades, but that may change in the final game.”
- Will be able to change character’s appearance
- 2-4 player splitscreen option for all competitive
- Co-op Invasion mode: Up to 4 players (online or local), has unique challenges
- New weapons: Vortex Cannon and Phase Rifle
- Vortex Cannon: Sends bullets back at enemies with a more powerful force
- Phase Rifle: Shoot through walls
- Old weapons will be returning
- Some old weapons are seeing a facelift
- About 7 new weapons
- Big boss battles
- ASE also returning
- ASE used for more things other than puzzles (can do a lot of scanning, which is recorded)
- Can use TPC ammo as mines
- SEGA publishing again
- No release date

Well the first game was very disappointing for me. Really bad graphics in a lot of the game, boring gameplay and a horrible online experience when compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I can't say I'm really excited about a sequel but I will of course be watching it closely to see if High Voltage can fix all that was wrong with the original game.


Travis Hendricks said...

I personally really enjoyed the game. And at the time, it was by far the superior online shooter experience. And considering it has Wii Speak I still think it is the best. Online shooters without voice chat are only fun for me for a little while.

Either way, I just hope the release date isn't all the way in October of 2011 like their last announcement *ahem* Grinder *ahem* or I will quickly lose interest.

Anonymous said...

who-cares high voltage have shown there true colours never again i buy your products

Biohazard said...

Relating to High Voltage Software.

You guys were probably reeling from not only The Grinder being on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but also being a top-down shooter (a la Gauntlet series). Well, you can be relieved to know they just announced that the Wii version will remain a first-person shooter.

I'm giving High Voltage Software another chance. The Conduit was their real first effort at hardcore gaming... for the Wii. Before that, they were developing Cartoon Network and Leisure Suit Larry crap, so I can't really fault them for not living up to our expectations. They are genuine about their commitments to the Wii. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They could be like Guerrilla Games; their Halo-killer, Killzone, achieved very little from what they promised, but they bounced right back with the sequel. Hopefully, that is what we'll see in Conduit 2.

Anonymous said...

maybe i have to take that back THE GRINDER IS CONFIRMED STILL ON FOR Wii and it remains FPS-ONLINE not a top down game thats for ps3/360 high voltage have stated they respect what wii want FINGERS CROSSED

predator said...

Good news people the Grinder is a FPS on the wii and a top down shooter on the other HD consoles.

And if you don't have red steel 2 yet you should its great.

Biohazard said...

IGN just posted a footage for the 360/PS3 versions of the game. All I have to say is I don't think we should be totally worried. These versions looks like a WiiWare game! I just hope the Wii version will look better and more fun since its a FPS.

Unknown said...

I really hope this game is better than the original... Not that the original was that bad, it was just too minimal and had too many shortcomings and bugs- Short campaign, too few puzzles, not enough weapon variety, not enough multiplayer maps, no local multiplayer, online hacking issues, online lag, no co-op... Well, co-op is co-OPTIONAL [lol], but if the campaign is longer, has more weapons and puzzles, and better online it would make me happy enough.