Monday, January 18, 2010

Red Steel 2 - new gameplay video

This game is actually looking improved. I didn't really see the flashing bodies after you make a kill in this video, if it's still there let me know since that was one of the complaints of the game so far. Definitely going to be picking this up.


Anonymous said...

a bit concerned with ubisofts halved expected sales now 500k not a million,, there of course blaming wii customers but wouldn't lowered expected numbers of a not released game say more about that games chances rather than wii customers,im thinking ubisoft expect lower average reviews and are not going to market the game THEN BLAME Wii OH loving the 60 frames a second lol..

you cannot say wii is expanded market and expanded market users buy wii

then make poor games and say the nintendo core only buy nintendo games SO WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THOSE EXPANDED MARKET CUSTOMERS do they only buy nintendo games only!!!


ubisoft if its rubbish and not marketed it will not sell that simple

500k expected is worrying in terms of the games quality

my only concern at the moment is the empty levels but its looking very slick

Anonymous said...

I love the look, reminds me of borderlands.
In the UK we never get 3rd party wii games advertised on tv, not sure what it's like in the rest of the world. So why do u think the nintendo 1's sell better, could it be that they are seen by every1 on TV and not just by the people who follow these kinds of sites!
Anyway fingers crossed for this coz i've preordered it :-)

Anonymous said...

yes boarderlands art direction i was going to say that not that it copys boarderlands i mean just the art and the cell shading is alike 60 frames a second and 3d motion sward play and tight fps controls will rock but im still not convinced...

ill never trust ubisoft

Travis Hendricks said...

The aiming controls for shooting look almost unchanged from Red Steel. That's not a good sign. They sucked at E3 too so let's hope they're at least customizable or this game could struggle getting any good word of mouth, at least from this guy.