Friday, August 21, 2009

Need for Speed: Nitro - new videos

This game is still my top pick for most anticipated racing game this year for Wii. Who would have thought that this would be the first Need for Speed game to ever reach 60 frames per second on a console?


Anonymous said...

are u on drugs F12009 is 60fps try uploading valencia trailer its amazing im getting F1,NFS NITRO,TRACK MANIA WII,all 60 fps but F1 has realistic graphics and the most realistic physics to date on an F1 game yes IGN said in preview form the game was more impressive than any SONY LIVERPOOL attemts

Anonymous said...

60 frames yet but the art direction stinks its realish cars in a mario kart colour setting it just looks family fun rather than beasty racer i dont get EA at all there the cars the football stars in wii 2010 fifa from ea would drive

cartoon cars for cartoons sports men

tiger woods didnt get this stupid art direction but every other ea wii game is and its starting to stink bad