Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - list of changes for American release

Throws are useful now (RoyalFlush/ll.nd)
Characters fall faster now.
Megacrash pushes up and away.
Megacrash combos are very limited due to the engine changes. (RoyalFlush/ll.nd)

Hurricane Kick (C) no longer combos after wall bounce. B version still works.
Ryu appears to have been left alone for the most part. I notice no functional differences.

Stronger normals and LVL3.
Moriggan’s dashing 2B infinite no longer works.

Sorry guys. I did not play ANY Batsu at Evo.

Shoulder Ram (A) has no super armor but combos after 5C and 6C.
Shoulder Ram (C) now wall bounces.
Oni Transformation has no super armor.
2B combos into 2C.
Soki has been sped up significantly!
5C and 6C both have a really cool slowdown effect that makes you realize just how hard Soki is whacking the opponent.
I could not land the Karas/Soki OTG infinite in this version.

5C is now cancellable!! You can now do 5C xx 421+A/B/C xx 234+ABC for a fairly safe S-Gun charge.
J.C is also cancellable allowing her to control space very well with J.C xx 421+A/B/C.
The unblockable version of 5C can be cancelled into 3C for some very damaging aerial raves!
The unblockable bullet chain (Unblockable 5C - 5C - 2C) now does around 15,000B damage as opposed to 18,000B damage.
6C causes the opponent to stagger step and combos into her 214+A/B/C grab! Her assist has not been changed to follow this pattern.
Saki seems VERY good in this version and will probably see some serious play in her current configuration. Great job CAPCOM!

Lightning Legs now pushes back.
5A - 5A - 5C xx Lightning Legs Infinite no longer works, although TrueGamer was able to land (5A - 5C xx Lightning Legs) two times after Houyoukosen
J.C - DJ.IAD.C - TJ.IAD.C loop still works. It feels a bit easier to land now. Aerial C cause more hit stun??

Shoulder Charge (A) leaves the opponent grounded, (B) knocks down, (C) cause wall bounce!!
236+C does 18,000B+ damage and is still unblockable! This may make PRO-WRESTLING a contender.

5A - 5A - 5A - 5B - 5C xx 236+Attack Infinite no longer works.
236+Attack has more delay at the end of the move.
/\ J.C xx 236+C - JC \/ still works.

Faster air dash?
Can combo 2B/5C into 3C!
Still has her OTG combos.

Boomerangs have greater startup. No more infinite!
You can only do one Red-Hot-Kick per jump now. Baroque still resets the RHK counter.
Joe’s slide infinite no longer works.

All versions of riot tackle wall bounce anywhere on screen (LVL3!!!!!)
Chainsaw knocksdown and can also combo to LVL3
6B4B knocks back and can still combo to LVL3

Megacrash grabs do not work anymore. They jump right after a tech hit.
Cannot be infinited?

didn't play any Ken. :(

236+A still leaves opponent grounded. B hits like Karas sword spin.
6B can be canceled into specials

POLYMAR (provided by RoyalFlush)
-Now spelled “Polimar”.
-On airborne opponents, 236+Attack hits much like the assist version of the attack, thus allowing for easier comboing into charge 46+A and 623+attack, attack, attack. Has no knock away on airborne enemies.
-6C has less knock away and allows easier comboing of 623+attack, attack, attack.
-Can combo into all charge 46 A/B/C specials and can dash after

Slide Infinite removed!
5C has a lot of recovery now. You can no longer combo charge 46+A/B/C.
2C has more recovery now.
5B may have less range now. It looked a bit different to me, but I did not have the chance to test it thoroughly.

1st hit of 2C can combo into 6C

2C has a smaller horizontal hitbox.
Yatterwan replaces Yatterpelican for 2P color.
623+A/B/C all have more recovery. Charge 46+A/B/C /\ J.B - J.B - 623+B - J.B \/ J.B - J.B -623+B - J.B… infinite no longer works on the Giants.

Charge 46+A moves across the screen VERY quickly now. As fast, as, if not faster than, Ryu’s 236+C.
Due to the change in the pursuit speed, 3C /\ J.B - 28+C - 28+C no longer works. Modifying the air combo slightly may fix this.
236+ABC does WAY less damage now.
Tekkaman still cannot DHC into his teammate.
Tekkaman has been sped up some.

214+Attack seems a lot faster! The rock comes out very quickly.
623+Attack is faster as well.
J.B got NERFED!!! Has lesser range and the mid-screen re-jump (B) combo no longer works.
Its harder to land 423+B when the opponent is jumping in now. You have to dash towards their position and do the far grab to land the Grab-Tree-Taunt loop.
Her moves now do more damage! Probably to accommodate her combo nerfs.

IPATTSUMAN (provided by RoyalFlush)
-Ippatsuman’s 623+Attack has same properties as Ken’s 623+B/C.
-Ippatsuman’s dash~623+attack has same properties as Ken’s 623+B/C.
-Several resets actually combo now (examples: charge back, forward+C, 623 super; air combo, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, j.B, j.C, 623 super). Useful reset combo: launch, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, jA, j.C, 623 Super.

22+Attack covers the whole floor and is slightly stronger
41236 + B&C knockdown
5C can combo into 3C
Jabs push opponent away more"

You didn't think Capcom would just send the game over here untouched did you?


chojuto said...

Wow that's really exciting that they're tweaking the characters and not just simply porting it over! Hopefully they'll add online too to complete the package!

Travis Hendricks said...

I think this post demonstrates why I have never been too big on the "traditional fighter" because it seems like I would need a degree in something to figure this game out.

Good to see NA is getting the more polished version though.

Metaldave said...

I'm a Street Fighter II lover, and this game is really cool in my opinion (I have the Japan version and it's really fun despite me not being able to read Japanese).