Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Red Steel 2 - developer walkthrough

This game looks amazing! The level of detail is awesome and the controls look extremely well thought out. Using the Wii remote as a full sword has been every fanboy's dream since the system came out. I'd rather have a sword controller or a controller like Wii motion plus in my hand than a full body camera, the Eye Toy has been done before (yes I know that it's better than that but the execution is the same).


Anonymous said...

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thank u nintendo

chojuto said...

Freaking epic win. I love it how it goes all matrix when you use the launcher attack.

Anonymous said...

you cannot play it with a camera as theres no analog stick or gun aim and shoot so real core games with motion cannot be done that way same goes ps3 motion no analog or gun aim via ir mouse both sonys and microsfts motion is casual market aimed wiis motion is suited to casual and core and traditional as it blends analog buttons 3d motion and pointer into one easy to use core game system fps rts fpa res evil wii conduit metroid prime 3 etc ARE IMPOSABLE ON PS3 MOTION AND NATAL 360 only wii offers core game 3d and out the box not cam eyetoy shit that you buy seperatly also ps3 motion has no rumble or speaker sndbthe pink urb big box controllers look awful and big and silly snd in summer light or a bright room the cam will struggle to sense the orbs SONY FANS XBOX FANS I JUSTVOWNED UR IGNORANT ASS confirmed ps3 motion is 7mm space acurate wii pointer is 1mm acurate and wii motion plus is 100% 1to1 acurate NO CONTEST

Travis Hendricks said...

I played this game at E3, after getting cut in front of twice by media, and it controlled quite nicely. The aiming/gun controls were no where near as tight as The Conduit but they felt alright. I hope they allow us to customize the controls for that.

As for the sword stuff, it's not 1:1 like everyone was hoping for. If you hold A you can move the sword around in 1:1 just for the sake of it but the actual sword attacks aren't 1:1. With that said it is very close and it feels great. I just hope they add some more effects to the "finishing attacks" because they are dead silent and have no real impact to them.

Great looking game so far, the graphics are great.