Thursday, May 21, 2009

Need for Speed: Nitro - trailer

The preview at IGN didn't say if this trailer was using real-time graphics from the in-game engine, but it did strongly hint at by pointing out details you will see in the trailer that are in the game as well. The game looks like it will have a really great presentation, all while running at 60 frames per second. Apparently "Nitro" will also control with every combination of Wii controllers imaginable, while controlling with just the Wii remote horizontal may be the best way to go if you take IGN's word for it.

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WAHAZ said...

I suppose the big qestion is...

Will the game support Logitech's Speedforce Wii Wheel?

It has force feedback and was supported with Need For Speed Undercover but i did not buy it because of the bad reviews.

Who else has the Logitech Speedforce Wii Wheel and what do they make of it? MetalDave? Anyone?