Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gladiator A.D. - new screens & info

Take a look at Gladiator A.D. the newest entry from High Voltage Software. Using the same engine that powers The Conduit, they have made some big modifications which allow for even more detail; to go along with a new technique called "Imposter/Instancing technology" that enables the Wii to draw hundreds to even thousands of characters on screen simultaneously. This is some amazing stuff and I can't wait to see more, especially the multitudes of objects on screen. I'm sure we'll have a trailer very soon, so stay tuned.


Biohazard said...

This looks more interesting than The Conduit, even though I will still wait in line for that one.

I can see High Voltage Software has been saving up their resources for this one because this game has alot of ambition poured into it. The Conduit seemed like a testing ground for the engine, and it shows because the details on the models and environment didn't look very spectacular and matured. But, Babylon A.D. looks like what the engine could truly do on the Wii.

predator said...

I just came in my pants multiple times. Maybe this will show other developers how to make a game for the wii.

Travis Hendricks said...

Once again, the game looks good in screens but I bet it will look far superior to most Wii games in motion on your TV.

I hope two things about this game 1) most importantly the game is fun to play and more than just a Gladiator version of Fight Night and 2) the crowd uses the imposter technology to make a crowd that's not 2-D sprites.

Things look good so far. I'll definitely be stopping by their booth at E3 to play these games. Assuming they are playable.

Cesar said...

Fuck this one have you guys seen their other game it is called grinder it is kinda hectic like left 4 dead and looks way better thatn gladiator.