Friday, April 24, 2009

Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles - new screens

There is no doubt that this game looks amazing, now all we need is more third person and less on-rails Capcom.

"yeah the game looks great...but" saga continues.


Travis Hendricks said...

The issue seems to be that the game looks this good because it's on-rails. I know it's possible to create a game this good in third-person but it takes a lot more money. On-rails allows them to make it look great but much faster and cheaper.

With that said, I wish it cost them more money to make it so I could give them some of my money and buy it.

Anonymous said...

What I've noticed is that there is very little pressure from gamers, fans and the gaming media to make Capcom do make it anything but an on-rails shooter.

I mean, I've visited dedicated Resident Evil forums and they at first complained but presently they seem to accept it. The graphics seem to help.

Then you have the fact that Umbrella Chronicles was a hit. So there is even less reason to deliver anything but an arcade shooter.

Aside from this site and REhorror (they published an article/rant about this issue), I really haven't seen people complaining that this game should be a 3rd person shooter and not on-rails.

Not to the degree that it could ever make Capcom reconsider how it should make it.

Anonymous said...

on rail is alright anyway even better when we can see some amazing graphics right there so i think 3rd person would have been good but u have always got RE4 to compare to and its a hard game to better so i think we will get a RE4 type game off capcom in the future but they take like 3-4 years to make a proper one that u will like RE5 wasnt as good as it would have been given extra dev time so im pleased oh and there doing alot of new things with the on rails concept like 3rd person view,co-op,AI that adapts to your skill set so im more than happy replay value should be good aswell