Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monster Hunter 3 - video blowout

I hope you have a fast connection because you don't want to miss out on these videos since they are very nice quality. This game looks amazing. Looks like it's turning into a Monster Hunter 3 week.


Anonymous said...

Gameplay and graphics looks sweet thus far, the co-op mission should be a blast! I really hope they can disguise the now loading screen with something similar to how Zelda:twilight princess does it. Cause that now loading, although quite short, does get on your nerve after a while.

Anonymous said...

now loading in this game is understandable due to the sheer amount of detail wow that wont bother me i can tell u m8 this game could be the best game ever in my opinion graphics gameplay online co-op wow wow and wow

Anonymous said...

loading screens do more than get on my nerves they bloody infuriate me i imidiatly go into sony hate mode

the first loading batr i ever seen on a nintendo platform was time splitters 2 on gamecube yes loading is fast and in game in level there aint any

but just seeing something like that made me realise how much damage sony has done to gaming
its made long loading times except able


Anonymous said...

rubbish the games graphics result in loading it didnt on twilight princess on gamecube

a better streaming set up with a few more turns in a level tio hide that short load can be done ITS CAPCOM BEING LAZY as psp players are used to loading screens the very userbase of this franchize

XidZen said...

I played demo and the loading screens are same long as TP black screens (max 2sec) so it isnt huge problem.
Game have great terrain design, sharp textures, beautiful landscapes, skybox, underwater deep, the graphic is amazing far better than most Wii titles.