Thursday, March 12, 2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - new screens

Why did Capcom have to make this game look so good graphically? With the money put into the tech of the game, they should have made it a more traditional game (Resident Evil 4 controls for God's sake). I just don't understand it. On-rails shooters don't have the length or depth of traditional games. These pictures show that your partner is visible through out and Capcom has said that being able to see your partner will play a vital role in this game (except in 2-player co-op which you won't see them). It's not too late to make us "very very happy" Capcom, just change the game to anything that's not on-rails.


Anonymous said...

please this dont rule a RE4 style game if anything im sure we will get 1 now last time we got UC and RE4 so be patient if they do the same again we will get a RE4 experience aswell plus the graphics look super slick and in urban enviroments this should be quite simply amazing online co-op would be nice but not essential

Anonymous said...

"Why did Capcom have to make this game look so good graphically?"

"On-rails shooters don't have the length or depth of traditional games."

I think you just answered your own question.

Darkside Chronicles looks like a tech demo to show off a new engine Capcom is using on future Wii games. I read somewhere they are ditching the Open Dynamics Engine, which powered Umbrella Chronicles, for a new, customized engine that incorporates the Havok physics engine. Despite it being on-rails, it sounds pretty ambitious.

As you said, on-rails shooting is a relatively shallow gameplay experience. And it looks like Capcom may be testing the waters with this engine in preparation for a another, real Resident Evil title on the Wii!

It's either that, or I'm being too optimistic for my own good.

Anonymous said...

the insanity that is a game 3rd party just gets worse....who is making these decisions i see men in suits who actually think wiis user base is made up of non gaming familys who waggle at there tv THIS THINKING IS COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH AND COMPLETE INTERNET BASED MYTHOLOGY THERE IS NO CASUAL Wii there is a games console that plays ALL TYPES OF GAMES just like any other console

stop making things up 3rd partys

Metaldave said...

I like your optimism Biohazard, and hopefully this will lead to a real Resident Evil game. However, I think we are all getting sick of these "test" games. The Wii has been on the market since November 2006, I think the time for testing is over.

Anonymous said...

this is no test game look at it its a sequel dont forget that m8 and i for 1 am pretty excited for this 1 cant wait

Cesar said...

capcom's making me depressed. this wasn't supposed to happen we were supposed to get a real resident evil experience and then all would have been right in the world.