Thursday, March 12, 2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - debut trailer

(If you are having trouble viewing the trailer on this page just double click on the movie box to go directly to Youtube)

The game looks very good graphically. I'm excited for the engine that Capcom is using; if only it were for a true Resident Evil game.


Anonymous said...

graphics look bloody good.

thank allah the one and only god. period.


Anonymous said...

I am very excited that EVERY major developer apparently seems to be investing in powerfully capable Wii custom engines. I'm looking forward to this - BUT - I also want an all-new-original TPS/FPS Resident Evil 4.5/5. I would even buy RE0 thru RE3 if they would use a new engine with RE4 "Wii" controls.
Is that really asking for too much?
I am still excited because what we're looking at is actually a potentially beautiful game - hence, we are finally seeing the graphics potential of the Wii! I am assuming CAPCOM may use this new engine for future installments?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the gameplay, it looks like your partner (Claire or Leon) has their own POV and will assist, ala Time Crisis. I wonder if this game is going to support WiFi and will allow you and a friend to tackle the game.