Thursday, February 12, 2009

Overlord: Dark Legend - Comic Con footage

This game looks amazing also! If all these videos I've been posting lately has caused a loading problem for this page I'm sorry, there has been a lot of new footage that we can't miss out on. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

wow seen it it looks exactly the same as the 360 original very nice indeed

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing!

Reminds me of Fable. It has a similar art style and uses the same bloom and blur effects that made that game look so fantastic.

What exactly is the gameplay supposed to be like?

The main character seems to be in control of a group of diminutive imps. Imps that can throw balls of fire too!

-On my radar-

Thanks for the video Dave.

Anonymous said...

wiimote controls imps, and nunchuck controls the main guy, its a kind of go about doing evil, pickmen game in a zelderish setting...

you can pick up and shake a imp to turn him into a bomb (very nintendo rip of cough)

graphics do look lush but theres horrid pop up PLEASE POLISH AWAY THE POP UP

and ill buy it 480p x360 graphics I TOLD YOU SO LOL