Thursday, October 09, 2008

Monster Hunter 3 - trailer and gameplay videos

This game is truly breathtaking, if you've watched the videos at full size you'll know what I mean. A true showpiece for the Wii's power.


Anonymous said...

this game is actually bad

Metaldave said...

The only thing I've heard was that some people were having some issues getting used to the controls, but other than that I've heard only good things.

Travis Hendricks said...

From what I have read everything seems to be looking really good for this game. I personally am more excited about this game than any other game at TGS, which is saying something considering there are a lot of great games there.

I'm still holding out for Wii Speak compatibility. It's the one reason I won't mind if we don't get this game until later in 2009, if it has voice chat.

Anonymous said...

dsi should = in game video wii speak via dsi as ds should support chat on wii and theres a rumored ds sound channel coming allowing ur ds sound to wifi to wii and come out your sourround speakers cool hay

monster hunter looks great ghope motion and aim are fully supported