Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Congratulate me, I'm Married!

Yep, I finally got Married to my girlfriend Viviana on August 30th. I won't be posting too many things for the next week or so but rest assured that I'm keeping up on all the goings on in the world of Nintendo and the Wii.

Disaster for Wii lives! How many of you are excited for this game after the new details and 70 screenshots were released by IGN recently? I for one am really excited for the game and it looks a lot better than the last time we got to see the game in action (about a year ago?).

Let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for all your support guys!


Anonymous said...

Sweet I am the first to say Congrats buddy and good luck!

Travis Hendricks said...

Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon. And just for the record, I beat you by 15 days. If you need any marital advice, I am pretty much a veteran at this point.

But seriously, congrats, and don't worry about the lack of posting for the next week. I'm pretty sure we all understand.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, congrats!

And yes, I'm pretty excited for Disaster. But so far only an European release date has been announced right? And no game play videos either. I'll be more excited for it when they release game play vids and announce a US release date.

Christian said...

congrats man, enjoy your honeymoon

Anonymous said...

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chalito said...

Congrats, man!

Now forget about nintendo and the wii for a few days and just enjoy your honeymoon :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats in the marriage. Don't spend the honeymoon in the hurricane. By the way, is there any other disasters in this game that was not listed previously?

Anonymous said...

Hey man Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...


don't feel guilty about not posting stuff for a few days. nothing interesting for wii will be announced in the meantime

Yayo said...

hope you'll be very happy