Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fragile: Farwell Ruins of the Moon Wii screens

Being developed by tri-Crescendo (Eternal Sonata) and published by Namco, this RPG is looking fantastic with an extremely clean and slick cel-shaded graphics presentation on Wii. I posted screens of this game way back some months ago and it didn't look anywhere as good as it does now.

Fragile takes place in the near future, in a world that has lost its population. You play as Seto, a young boy who wanders around, searching through the abandoned cities and facilities of this world, trying to learn the truth behind the disappearance of all the people, and to find someone to keep him company.

The Wii remote is used as an aid in exploration. Seto uses a flashlight to light up his surroundings. You get to use the Wii remote to directly point the flashlight in whatever direction you like. Seto also has a metal detector. Once again, the Wii remote is used to directly operate this device. In addition to exploration, Seto has to deal with ghosts who appear in the ruins. I'm not sure how he fights those enemies, but it seems that a stick of some form is involved.

There is no release date for Fragile yet but mostly likely it will come out around the end of the year in Japan and hopefully soon after that in the US.

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RED KNIGHT said...

this is hands down the best looking Wii game thats coming out in the next few months.