Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dead Rising Wii to have 100 zombies on-screen

This video is of the Xbox 360 game but it gives you an idea of how many zombies fill the screen. The developers of the Wii version are pushing for 100 zombies on screen, which is a lot but still less than what was happening on 360 if you can believe that. With the adjustments that Capcom is making to the game with the camera system to fit the Wii's RE4-like control and architecture, I think that we may not be able to notice much difference with the number of zombies. I'm looking forward to more info and a video of this game in action on the Wii soon.



Anonymous said...

ive played it on 360 and there are no way more than a 100 zombies on screen at once what is it with people in the official ninty mag the developer says were shooting for more than 100 om screen at one time plus all the tweaks new save system for more seemless gameplay,over the shoulder RE4,new weopons ect,they say there improving everything even the glitches so read up on things get the truth before chattin rubbish this will be the definitive version graphics will be very close controls far superior day 1

Metaldave said...

I didn't say this wouldn't/couldn't be the definitive version. I'm just reporting what the developers said concerning their goal for 100 zombies on screen at once. I've seen the 360 version as well and I'm pretty sure their were more than 100 zombies on screen in that game, like in the streets for example. However this is up for debate and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Anonymous said...

please remember people this is a new take on the game THERES MORE IN YOUR FACE """CHOPPING"" ETC OF ZOMBIEs the x360 version is more run around zombies that just stand there with a traditional 3rd person old skool view cam

wii version is over the shoulder and more in your face and the wiimote weapons will make it more imursive there not the same game the two different takes on the game i think the wii version could be better the x360 version looks a bit run around doing nothing were the wii version is more like res evil 4 were your all ways bizzy and in action

hope that made sense

metal dave my point entirely its a new way of playing the game fingers crossed a better way theres no point in just running thru areas with stand still zombies going AAAAARRRRRRRRR THE WII VERSION LOOKS LIKE THERE ACTUALLY ATTACKING YOU MORE AND YOU THE PLAYER DOES MORE IN TERMS OF ATTACKING AND DIS MANTLING THE UN-DEAD


the x360 version may have more but more standing around doing nothing is a wii bit POINTLESS


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

What do u mean with standing around doing nothing.
Uh, i don't remember standing around doing nothing.
There were always people you could save.

Ever tried to run through a horde of zombies.
They do attack/grab you when come close.
There are even a few that come running at u.
And i'm not talking about those Rain Coat dudes. [Man, they were annoying]

Anonymous said...

"100 zombies" sounds cool. If they are indeed using the RE4 Engine (changing point of view), then that will drastically change the whole perspective AND playing experience. An "over head view/birdseye" can establish the scenario of overwhelming zombies, and when you return to the over the shoulder POV, 50 -100 zombies should surround the player nicely.
I will admit, though, when you see hundreds of zombies, it is like the "money shot" in a theatrical sense. Put yourself in that scenario and you're like, "Oh sh*t!"