Monday, June 09, 2008

Tenchu IV Trailer

From what I'm hearing, Tenchu IV's exclusive announcement for the Wii was actually pretty big news. I have never played a Tenchu game on any platform, so can anyone tell me what to expect from the Wii game (besides the obvious control) and how good it can actually be? Leave a comment and let me know.


Travis Hendricks said...

I know one of the Playstation 2 games came out while I was in high school and I played it at a buddy's house. The controls were a little wonky but the general idea was pretty awesome. You are a ninja and you sneak around stealthily and kill other ninjas.

That's not much for me to add to the conversation but I can also say that I played the DS version (out last year sometime) and it is an abomination to the gaming industry. It is terrible.

Metaldave said...

Yeah, I know the DS game was crap and totally a waste of time. At least this game looks to be more traditional.

Your description sounds like a little Ninja Gaiden and a little MGS. I like the concept!