Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Call of Duty:World At War running the Call of Duty 4 Engine on Wii

Keep in mind that all next-gen versions of Call of Duty 5 will be running off the awarding winning Call of Duty 4 engine. The fact that the Wii version of the game will be running it as well is an amazing feat in itself, but read on for more details on Call of Duty 5 for Wii:

From Gonintendo:

This information is said to come from the latest issue of gamesTM magazine. If anyone out there is a subscriber, or has purchased the latest issue, please shoot me an email to confirm these details.

- enemies will be ’scarier’ and have new tactics

- co-op gameplay

- vehicles and squad-based multiplayer

- Wii version is being handled by Treyarch, but a separate team within Treyarch

- CoD 4 engine has been adapted to Wii

- Wii Zapper support

- Opening scene: Japanese commander stubbing a cigarette out in the eye of a prisoner before slitting his throat - the blood splatters and dribbles down the side of the tent you are being held in. He turns towards you to deal out the same treatment but help arrives just in time. Cue a daring level-long escape.

Reader the Real_weeman confirmed this information, and gave us some quotes!

“Man, we can definitely talk about the Wii Version, I mean, where do we start? Well, first and foremost, The Wii version is being developed here at Treyarch. It’s a separate team from the next-gen team but its on-site. If you’re going to compare the next-gen version and the wii version side-by-side then you’re going to find that it’s a much closer comparison than, I think, any other Wii game currently on the market..”

“Yeah, the challenge with this one was ‘how do we make a cutting edge next-gen game work on the wii’?’. The answer is a lot of frickin’ smart engineers who’ve shipped Wii titles in the past. Getting the call of duty 4 engine on Wii was our first challenge - which we’ve managed to do and it looks great - but there are also a content and design challenges to consider.”

“Beyond that, We’re reall accepting the fact that the person buying on the Wii is doing so for a different kind of experience. I mean, we’re going to be supporting the Zapper and, I don’t know how familiar you are with the Zapper personally, but you lose about five or six buttons on that controller, so it’s very challenging to make a call of duty game that functions well. We’ll be doing some unique stuff with co-op gameplay, too, but we’re not ready to talk on that yet. I honestly think you’ll see what we’re taking the Wii very seriously.”

Link to Gonintendo

Link to Strategyinformer

I can't wait to hear some more information on this soon. It's too bad that the game is back to good ol' World War II....but the technology running the game on the Wii is very exciting indeed. Glad to see a big time developer is really taking the Wii seriously (yes I know you are trying Capcom, but show us more!) and putting strong resources behind it to go along with their 360/PS3 efforts. There is also no way this is a PS2 port....


Anonymous said...

If that's true, and I really, really hope it is, then I wonder if Activision and Treyarch will do the same for the Wii-version of Activsion's first James Bond game, which is using the Call of Duty 4 engine as well.

Anonymous said...

i was really upset wen ps3/360 got COD4 it looked awesome, and the wii got nothing. Naturally being a strong Nintendo supporter i wasn't going 2 get 2 annoyed. I have recently noticed that the wii is going even further in the world and developers r begining 2 take notice of the hardcore market. What with the conduit, fatal frame 4, deadly creatures, disaster and now this i can't wait. Especially knowing that the wii version is running off of the COD4 engine it's gonna look and play like a dream. Could this be the end of stupid ps2 ports, i bloody hope so!

RED KNIGHT said...

i have been waiting for you to talk about this!
this is going to be super exciting to see on Wii (in the next couple of weeks maybe).this game sounds awesome on paper so far and i know im buying this for sure.i love cod games and this one sounds like its going to give infinity ward a run for its money honestly,every Wii owner around the world should be excited.

Metaldave said...

Ecc, I saw your post on the IGN Wii boards with the link to the scans of the magazine but you need to be a member of that site to see them. Do you have a link or jpeg image of them yourself?

Anonymous said...

I think this game is going to be awesome for wii, but get one thing straight this is not call of duty 5

RED KNIGHT said...

click the see spoiler button.

RED KNIGHT said...

another link to the pics.

Metaldave said...

Thanks man, they are probably not from the Wii version but we can get an idea of what it will be like since the Wii version will look not too different (amazingly) from the 360 version (main skew).

Anonymous said...

fact,1 those shots you used aint in game

fact,2 developers do lie

fact,3 cod 4 engine can run if addapted to do so but is the wii version really a ps2 port i dont trust biased 3rd partys guiter heroes was ps2 ported same publisher i think soooo hmmmm.

conduit oficial and online confirmed

RED KNIGHT said...

this game cant get off my mind im so excited about seeing

Anonymous said...

wii version should be very close but vastly superior controls and play options

but is it ps2 or wii built. cod 3 was a rushed port but looked ok

MOH heroes two was a psp port but looked ok,so imagine a true wii war shooter it would easily compete with ps3 x360 give or take so why not do just that 3rd partys, i honestly think 3rd partys do what there doing, as to show the real wii graphics capability's would hurt the HD marketing around ps3 x360,, as wii would clearly show theres no need for the other consoles 3rd partys hold back the wii visually on purpose i feel as a way of creating two markets wii and HD its all marketing lies...

if cod 4 engine like visuals cant be done on wii then resident evil 4 cant be done on gamecube and we all know otherwise dont we