Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Wii scans


You've seen the other scans that were released a few days ago and those were showing a very dark blue Sonic with no shadows and no lighting on his character at all. These new scans show that Sonic is a little more blue and at least somewhat shaded just a tad with some circle shadows to boot. The second screen from the top almost made me take a double take because at first I thought that was the 360 version since the action and the effects look very similar. Sonic Unleashed on the Wii so far seems to be coming along just as I had predicted: The game will look close enough to the 360/PS3 versions with some Wii motion control to sweeten the deal. We still need to find out what control choices Sega will make with the Wii remote and see how play tests turn out before we can get really excited for this game.


Anonymous said...


but im not impresed with it i think sonics time is simply over i dont expect great things

RED KNIGHT said...

the screens look good for Wii.
cant wait to see call of duty world at war on Wii

Anonymous said...

Hey MetalDave, considering these are scanned shots, and not hi-res I'd say they look pretty good, no? Was this game being ported from the PS360 to Wii? or is this just the PS2 port? If it's the latter that should bode well for more ports from PS360 to Wii, like Wall-E. I think Wall-E was ported to the Wii from the 360 build correct me if I'm wrong.

Metaldave said...

The "Official" Nintendo Magazine showed screens from the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed and passed them off as Wii screens. They should feel absolutely ashamed for doing that.

All you confirmed was that ONM lied or passed judgment too soon without seeing the actual game running on Wii and getting people like you all excited for nothing.

In my opinion ONM is a shame to Nintendo and there should be nothing "official" or "Nintendo" in it's name.