Friday, June 27, 2008

Arc Rise Fantasia tons of screens & info

Mikage has updated his blog, talking about Arc Rise Fantasia. He's happy that it's finally announced and he goes on to say some interesting things.

- The visuals you see in the magazine are only 70% complete and not final
- Currently all cutscenes have no facial motion and are rather lifeless
- The team is working very hard to improve the visuals and the lifeliness of the event scenes
- Next month they'll be announcing the voice cast for the game

- Image Epoch has 4 production lines now: Luminous Arc development team, World Destruction development team, Arc Rise Fantasia development and Unannounced game development team

- There are sprite teams and 3D teams within Image Epoch, and the sprite teams will continue to work on DS hardware, while the 3D teams will work on Wii and PSP hardware.

- dragon hunting is a focus of the agme
- features Trinity Battle system
- Excel Acts, Tandem Connect and Party Connect action commands

This is the first time he's mentioned PSP as a platform for Image Epoch games, so that's pretty interesting. It also confirms that Arc Rise is developed by a seperate team from Luminous Arc. It seems that the Famitsu article was referring to Mikage, the MMV producing and Mitsuda as "Luminous Arc staff" who are working on the game.

Link and Link and Link

Excited for this new Wii RPG? The game looks like it's going to be very epic and big, the only question I have is how the gameplay will turn out. Hopefully we can get a release date soon!

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Travis Hendricks said...

This game looks really good right now. If it successfully increases its visuals by 30% then it should look exceptional.