Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Wii - level design & engine different from 360/PS3 versions - ONM proved wrong as expected

Wii version specifics:

- split of 3d to 2d side-scrolling action is about 50/50

- hub areas for story return once again

- Wii version is not using the same engine as PS3/360, but the team is working hard to duplicate the look as closely as possible

- mix of speed and platforming

- Wii version is different in stage design and controls

- coding and stages for Wii version is being handled by Dimps, who was responsible for Sonic Rush/Sonic Rush Adventure

- Tomoya Ohtani from Sonic Rush will be the sound director

Sonic Team Producer Yoshihisa Hashimoto, via Play Magazine confirms the above information.

Link and Link

Wondering why I wasn't jumping up and down at the screen shots that ONM were claiming were from the Wii version of Unleashed? Like I said before, those screens at the resolution being displayed were not a possible representation of what the Wii version would look like. According to this latest report, not only were those screens not from the Wii version of the game but also the level design will be different and the engine will be different in comparison to the 360/PS3 versions. This will be to maximize the Wii's power since the system has a completely different architecture (which you already know). While it is nice to know that the Sonic Rush team is trying their best to make the Wii version look as close to the 360/PS3 versions as possible (and I don't doubt that the Wii version will look awesome graphically) this is further proof that the actual Wii version of Sonic Unleashed has yet to be seen. As for ONM, false hope and promises that they never follow through on have been a problem for them ever since they started publishing their magazine. This information is not a surprise and was pretty much expected. A high profile magazine really needs to be sure what game they are publishing and for what system it is on before they go to the press with it. Accidents like these seem to always happen to them and excuses as to the cause of it follow the storm of angry Nintendo fans posting in the forums of their UK website.

So to be clear to everyone that will comment on this:

We have not seen any real screen shots or trailers for Sonic Unleashed running on the Wii yet. End of story.

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Metaldave said...

I changed my mind and went ahead and deleted your posts and all posts in this section.

to Anonymous:

Stop the childish name calling

Stop the double posting

Just keep your cool and you won't get your comments deleted again. We are all friends here, you can disagree with me in a calm manner thats under control. You don't need to respond in anger all the time. If you have a point to make, just make it in an intelligent way please.

Thats all I ask,


Anonymous said...

Looks like Metal Dave's attempts to keep this comments section from getting out of control is not working. I see about six comments here that continue to use the same line; only with less venom.

As for Sonic Unleashed Wii; I am not surprised here. I think Sega is going to put a lot more effort into the Wii version than the others simply because of past history. Sonic & The Secret Rings was flawed; but that game was actually playable compared to the graphically better XBOX 360/PS3 versions of Sonic. This is something that seems to escape the graphic lovers for some reason. I have a much more offensive word to call these people; but out of respect for MetalDave; I'll refrain from using it here.

I think this should eliminate ONM as a credible source for good this time. While Nintendo Power is known for hyperbole (It's a Nintendo owned magazine; what did you expect?) at least NP knows better than to flat out lie about what pictures they used. Go figure.

Maybe I just care about what the public thinks about gamers as a whole.

Metaldave said...

I have turned comment moderation on so hopefully that will stop the spamming craziness from Cubeboy or whatever his name is.

I didn't want to do that but he left me no choice.

By the way Cubeboy, I never contradicted myself in anyway about Sonic Unleashed or The Conduit or Resident Evil 5 in any relation to the Wii. All I'm doing in this post is reporting the news and stating the fact that we have yet to see the Wii version of this game. Read my post again and you will see that I expect that the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed to have awesome graphics since they will be making it's own engine for Wii. However, no matter how much you wish it to be true the game will most likely not look quite as good as the 360/PS3 versions because of the HD and the different engines running those versions so Sega can max out the potential respectively. I'm confident that the Wii version will look close to the others though. That is the same thing I said about Resident Evil 5 coming to the Wii also, I never said that the game would look exactly the same as the 360/PS3 versions; but that it would look damn good in its own respect.

RED KNIGHT said...

I was hoping you would post this just to prove that guy wrong and i see you did.
i wanted to ask are you planning on picking up Mario Kart Wii soon?

Metaldave said...

Yes! I did in fact get Mario Kart just about 30 minutes ago. I missed the midnight launch but I played it last night and it is definitley much better then I was thinking it was going to be. I will send you my friend code very soon my friend.

chalito said...

About sonic for wii: bummer :(

About MK: played it yesterday all day.. man, this is going to be worse than nicotine ;)

Metaldave said...

I don't think it is really that bad of news just not what was being rumored about. Sonic Rush was a great game and hopefully the Wii version of Unleashed will be just as good.

Also, there was a comment in my moderation that I approved but it is not here in the comment section so I'm sorry to whoever posted that comment (something about Resident Evil 4 selling good on the Wii) please try again and I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha

confirmed nintendo mag graphics 100% real kombo . com has official wi screens and conformation the best sonic in years sonic rush developer is making wii version

the stale and un trusted sonic team (they make crap these days ) are making the ps3 x360 version AND WII AL KNOW HOW CRAP SONIC PS3 360 WAS LAST TIME



Metaldave said...

Nope you are wrong again my friend, Kombo didn't say those were the Wii screens in fact they said pretty much the same stuff that I posted yesterday about this. Different Engine and different developer making the Wii version.

Here is the link you forgot to post:


so why aren't you screaming at Kombo since they did the same thing I did? The only thing I did different is expose ONM magazine which is probably the real reason why you're so upset at me. hahahaha