Friday, April 04, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Trailer

It is unknown which system the trailer is from but most likely PS3/360. I really do hope that the Wii version is based on the PS3/360 and not the PS2.....I can't believe Sega is releasing a PS2 version. We know that the Wii can do better graphics than the PS2 but if developers keep porting over games like they have been doing then no one will see the point to actually putting some effort into the Wii's graphics abilities. It's frustrating for sure. We can only hope that if Sonic and the Secret Rings is anything to go by, then Sega will hopefully be making the Wii version look as much like the PS3/360 versions as possible since we know the Wii is able to do it.


RED KNIGHT said...

I dont have hope for this game at all.
i dont see why anybody really does?

Metaldave said...

You have no hope for what exactly about this game? The fact that it's another Sonic game and they haven't been any good for so long, or if Sega is going to put a good effort into this to make it look as close as possible to the PS3/360 versions?

Anonymous said...

Sega hasn't had a Sonic title sell well since the Genesis years. Sonic & Mario & The Olympics was Sonic's 4th best appearance (in terms of sales and Smash Brothers Brawl has been it's third now (in terms of sales with only Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 for the Genesis doing better. At least at the moment.)

If they are going to do a PS2 version than we will get the PS2 version. And it will still outsell the XBOX 360/PS3 version judging by how Sonic & The Secret Rings did compared to the two Sonic games on XBOX 360/PS3. Hint: Secret of the Rings outsold both of them combined.

The birdmen will get it soon enough. They'll have no choice in the matter since Wii is going to beat the other systems to a bloody heap.

Oh; and this is Sonic's last chance to live in my view. If Sonic Unleashed doesn't sell at least three million units on one platform (doesn't matter which one) then it's time to shoot the brand out of it's misery.

RED KNIGHT said...

i look at the trailer and all i see is him running? i want to see them slow him down to sonic 2 speeds and add some great platforming.

this is why i dont have hope,also because sega should have made it only for Wii (xbox 360/ps3 players give to sh*ts about sonic)his fanbase is on nintendo

Anonymous said...

its wii graphics confirmed in official pre view in uk official nintendo magazine

THERE WII VISUALS hay sony fans hate to say i told you so but i told you so

wii has screenshots from the wii version looking great