Friday, April 04, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed experience video

I'm glad that the developer is at least really pushing the PS2 as far as they can since that is what the Wii will be getting.....unfortunately. The game does look very fun regardless of the fact that it is based on the PS2.


RED KNIGHT said...

i hate the fact the the ps2 is hurting the Wii!
im sure this game can look much better,i guess the gameplay will have to make up for it.

Metaldave said...

Yeah I really is disappointing that we have to put up with playing PS2 games with the Wii remote. We didn't buy just the Wii remote, we bought the whole package and it seems like with most games we are only getting half of it with the Wii's power not even being used at all.

Anonymous said...

What's also irritating is how developer's think they can get away with terrible presentation because they think only kids and old people with man nappies will be playing on the Wii.

Been playing Pro Evo Soccer on the Wii and it's absolutely class but the presentation is utter dog shit compared to the PS3 and xbox360! Fair enough with the in game graphics being of a lesser standard but things like the menus and general presentation . . . no excuse!!

Anonymous said...

We cant saids forever "it's fun dont care about graphics".
Im sick getting again PS2 port with motion control. Wii is much more powerful than PS2!!
Are develops cant understand it or they are to shitty?
In this case maybe its all LucasArts fault -they didnt choose another company to make Wii only version. Maybe N-Space can do it better than Krome? (Geist have great graphics)
PS2 plz die! Nintendo -support 3rd party developers!!
Or Wii will die with "casual" cancer.