Monday, March 24, 2008

New X-Blades screens for Wii


Here are some new screens of X-Blades, the little known about game coming out for Wii and PS3/360. Looks very nice, now I just want to know more about the gameplay. Enjoy.


I've been alerted that this game is actually not going to be coming to the Wii. There was an error in the original press release by Southpeak games that mentioned a Wii version. Sorry to all the Wii owners that were looking forward to this game....and the main character.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Metal Dave; Southpeak has confirmed that X-Blades is not coming to Wii and that the press release was a mistake.

Metaldave said...

Wow, that's too bad I guess. Well, there is plenty of other games coming for the Wii and more to be announced so we can't be too upset about it.

Anonymous said...

erm sorry xblade aint coming to wii it never was but those screens look arwful as tho wii couldnt run that

clearly its a cheep pc game being ported to two more formats to increase sales

please research your information if running a blog it aint a wii game

Metaldave said...

Did you read the edit on the post? Did you read the last comment? Yes I know the game is not coming to the Many sites thought it was coming to the Wii including gonintendo. The mistake was not made by me but by SouthPeak for putting the Wii in the press release.