Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mario Kart Wii - circuits video

I'm glad I finally have a longer video preview to post of this game, most of the others have been around 1 minute each. The game looks well....Mario Kart!


RED KNIGHT said...

First day buy for me.

Travis Hendricks said...

I have yet to be too impressed with this game. I say it now, I may not buy this game, but I could see myself changing my mind come closer to launch. I heard some things about the game that sort of anger me: there's no two-player GP mode and every battle mode game has to be teams, there's no individual battle mode.

Those two things may seem small, but that seems to be the theme for this entire game. It's just not quite there for me. It could be the first Mario Kart game I don't buy.

Sorry for the rant.

RED KNIGHT said...

i just know im going to have a good time playing this online.

did you see that pit pic i sent you?

Travis Hendricks said...

Yeah I got that pic. If I am thinking of the correct one it was a nice little precursor for hopefully a future game release.

Kid Icuras here we come....

Did you get my Tetris level?