Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Buy making extra Wii profit?

We all know that the Wii price is $249.99 so this is either a typo by Best Buy, or they are really trying to make an extra buck on anxious consumers. I double checked and they really aren't offering anything extra with the Wii. You get Wii Sports, a Nunchuck and a Wii that's the exact same package but for $20 more. If someone is smart all they have to do is take the Wii up to customer service and tell them that other stores are selling the Wii for $249.99 and they will have to give them the Wii at that price since they are "Best Buy" and it says that in their store policy. Funny how that works out. We'll see if there are any further reports on this, or if this is just some unfortunate mistake.


It seems I missed the fact that this is a Canada Best Buy ad. With the dollar value in the US being so low right now, maybe the Canada Best Buy is making more than they should on that price after all. An oversight by me none the less.


Anonymous said...

Might it be a Canadian ad?

Metaldave said...

I didn't notice the "Canada" the first time I saw this, sorry about that. The funny thing is about that though is that with the US Dollar being so low right now, isn't the Canada dollar worth more right now anyway? Best Buy Canada may still be making more of a profit than they should.


Anonymous said...

if all it is is canada then why is the game still priced at 49.99?

Travis Hendricks said...

So are games in Canada only $49.99 still or what?

Metaldave said...

"You see Indy, you see?"