Monday, June 11, 2007

Capucine announced for Wii


"Capucine is an exploration / adventure game, formulated as a tale and based on shadow and light opposition.

This game takes place in a fantastic universe where everything is dead. The player controls a child who holds a “capucine”. This flower enables her to survive in this desolated world. The little girl can hand on her own life to the surroundings thanks to a beam of light she can cast from her hand. To maintain life, water will be vital. However, the player must be careful not to animate the shadows of the surrounding elements. Indeed, animated shadows will try to steal the flower in order to prevent the child from accomplishing her destiny: revive the World."

Another art style game that looks pretty good I must say. Some of the textures from the other screens on the site don't look too hot and I don't see much-if any shadows in the game, but I'm sure its still very early in development. Promising for sure.

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