Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sonic and The Secret Rings Review

"Sonic and the Secret Rings looks fantastic on the Wii. The levels are extremely detailed and colorful. Special effects are in full force throughout the game and the little details, like heat signatures, reflections, and dust particles don’t go unnoticed. The game sports a very smooth frame rate throughout despite the speed of the action. While it doesn’t look as good as the recent Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360, it still offers a very satisfying visual experience."

"Sonic and the Secret Rings is an encouraging sign that good Sonic games can still be made. I had a tremendous time exploring the different stages and the skill points add a bit of depth to an otherwise straightforward game. As it stands, Sonic and the Secret Rings is a game I would recommend to anyone with a Wii. It’s good to have the blue blur back!"


game on said...

I am personally going to be picking this game up as soon as I finish this post.

Are you planning on getting the title Metal?

Metaldave said...

I'm totally buying this game. I made a rant on the IGN Wii forums about Matt's lame 6.9 review of this game. Matt said it was the best 3D Sonic yet but still only gave it a below good rating. This is the same guy who gave that tripe of a game Sonic Heroes an 8.0!

He just cost Sega a lot of $$$

He said Sonic would come to a complete stop too much because he would be running into trees and having problems with the camera. Funny how all the other reviews for this game across the net say nothing about camera issues and as far as the controls are concerned, they say "you'll get used to them and they work well."

Matt seems like he is bipolar in his review. He says so much good about the title and yet he still decides to give the game 1 tick BELOW a 7.0

People think that 1 review doesn't make a difference but how many people across the world read IGN Wii? Thousands? Millions? When they see that score they won't read the part where Matt says its the best 3D Sonic yet, they will see the 6.9 score and say to themselves "oh, well I guess that game sucks" and move on.

I suggest to everyone that even remotely likes Sonic to BUY THIS GAME.

Buy it now and don't take what Matt says for fact since no other reviewer has had the same kind of problems that he has with Sonic on the Wii.

game on said...

I know. Sometimes people don't even realize what they are saying/doing when giving a "poor review"

I literally just purcahsed the title and I cannot wait to go home and play it.

Good old IGN.