Monday, February 19, 2007

Rumor: WiiXT-The Ultimate Wii Modchip

Supposed Features:

-Boot any region Wii backups
-Boot any region GC backups
-Boot GC homebrew
-Boot Wii homebrew through chip menu
-Boot DVD movies through chip menu
-Boot any Virtual Console games
-Supports Multi Disk and Audio Fix
-Upgradable via DVD, SD card or USB Dongle
-128MB Firmware chip /W Recovery Mode
-512MB Onboard Storage Flash
-Stealth Mode
-Quicksolder + 4 Wire Installation
-Professional Japan Made PCB and components

Link to WiiXT

The words too good to be true ring to mind when I read over those features of this "ultimate" Wii modchip. Maybe some of those features could work but having all of them especially the DVD playback with one special chip is hard to believe. They are going to be charging $65 for this mod when its released in 3 months. I guess we'll see if this actually comes out and works.

Would you pay $65 for this modchip if it worked?

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Anonymous said...

hahaha check their website