Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gamespot gives Dragon Ball Z on the Wii a 6.5? My thoughts

From the score of 6.5 from Gamespot for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 you would think that it is just another average at best button mashing DBZ fighting game. This is furthest from the truth in many ways.

This is the game I traded in Red Steel for.

This is without a doubt the best Dragon Ball Z game I've played ever on any system. Gamespot says they would rather play the game with the Gamecube controller? What? I call Wuss on that one. This is a real man's DBZ game, and a good one. The Wii remote without a doubt adds a lot of intuitive control that would never make me want to even touch a GC controller again for fighting games.

You guys ever watch the show? Well if you did you would know that the characters train for along time before they go battle the enemy. This is true for this game too. You must do the training to fully be prepared to fight. Did you expect anything less? This is a new control scheme and I would think that you would want to learn how to play this game with the Wii remote right? The Wii remote is very responsive and after training you will never want to go back to the old style of play. Gamespot says that using the Wii remote and Nunchuck for the controls in not intuitive. Wrong. Being able to do these moves with gestures makes you feel much more apart of the Dragon Ball Z universe. If the gestures didn't work, then it would make sense for them to say that. Everything works great with the control scheme of the Wii.

The graphics are the best ever for any DBZ game, looking even better than the show. The look is fantastic and more than I ever would have asked for. Bloom lighting (in spots) in a DBZ game? Awesome. The sound is also the best of any DBZ game as well. The voices don't sound bored like Gamespot says, there is so much good quality stuff directly from the show that you just can't go wrong.

I'm not even the biggest fan of DBZ, but I know a great game when I play it. This is a great game. Some of the multiplayer battles that you will enjoy with your friends will be long remembered, each one has the ability to be just as big and epic as the show if both of you know what you're doing. Story mode covers everything in the DBZ history, the loading is not an issue like Gamespot says either. Trust me, this is a must have game for all Wii owners.

As for Gamespot, anyone looking for a review of a Wii game should look elsewhere. They seem to pick the wrong person for the wrong system to review the games. They need more reviewers for each game because this is getting ridiculous. They have the lowest average ratings for Wii games of any site on the Internet. There is something wrong with that picture and anyone believing what a lot of their Wii reviews are saying are probably Xbox360 or PS3 fanboys ; but on the other hand the staff seems to defend and agree with these reviews that are being done by one person each. What does THAT tell you about Gamespot? Do the math.


Anonymous said...

I agree it's getting pretty fishy. After reading the review for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I wonder if the GameSpot reviewer was even playing the same game. For a moment, I thought this is because the site is very hard on their reviews, but now it just looks fishy to me.

Matt C. from IGN Wii has been criticizing Nintendo and the Wii for long before the system was released, but at least he gives where credit is due.

Metaldave said...

Not only that but you compare their rating to many other sites and you'll see that they have the lowest rating. It also seems like they aren't giving the games' chances. The controls would have felt fine if the reviewer would have praticed some.

Metaldave said...

Gamespot will never admit that they favor the other systems more than the Wii, but its obvious that they do. Sad to say there is nothing we can really do about it other than point out that they are biased.

Gamespot will never be the same to me.

Anonymous said...

you guys are so gay. omg. people are bias to the wii what shall we do. what an important matter to be discussed! must mention it to the world

Metaldave said...

Yeah thats exactly the point. I choose to mention it because I have a very different opinion of this game and so do most sites. Gamespot is on a lot of people's shit list and for ones that don't know-this is for them too.

Anonymous said...

you guys are so gay. omg. people are bias to the wii what shall we do. what an important matter to be discussed! must mention it to the world

And yet, you feel obligated to toss us an archaic, grade-school insult at us?

Metaldave said...

Yes, everyone is entitled to there opinion but please no name calling here.

Anonymous, next time leave your name. You felt it was so important to tell us how my post wasn't needed, however Gamespot is a huge site to a lot of people and what they say matters to them. If they are being biased towards the Wii, I think it must be reported on and talked about.

Anonymous said...

Well, you see. Game reviews are based on opinion and what the reviewer notices. The reviews based on Wii controls wil vary.
I wouldn't say this game is Intuitive, because there's not much of a way you can pick up and play this game knowing the majority of the controls. The Wii controls might be a little wierd for fighting games.

My Opinion

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