Sunday, October 01, 2006

*Editorial* Simple Wii sites do well

Ever wonder why sites like Gonintendo gets thousands of hits a day? The philosophy behind the answer is the same philosophy behind the Wii itself. Simplicity.

Sure a huge site like Gamespot looks nice and has every single current system ready to click at the top, but something is not quite right with that site in my opinion. You are bombarded with subjects in the center, on the right, on the left and just about everywhere. Little pics of certain games are scrambled around like some kind of kaleidoscope. What if someone just wants to go to have info on Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft? IGN has their page more condensed but they are also not exactly simple in execution.

Gonintendo could be considered a Mom and Pop site just because of the way it looks. However if you look at the simplicity of Gonintendo you see that it is much more than just a little news site. When you go there, you see the latest news right at the top with the previous stories underneath one by one. It's run like a big blog, and that's a good choice. Did you notice the color of Gonintendo's background? White and nothing else. Nothing flashy nothing fancy, just straight Nintendo news with pics and links. Having multiple colors everywhere looks kinda sloppy and not very professional.

So having a simple layout with very few colors, and having the news posted in a way that is easy to reach and read is a key to having a Wii site that is successful. In this day and age most people want to read the news on Nintendo right away and don't have time to mess with unnecessary clicking. Ease of use is why the Wii itself is looking so attractive to other kinds of people who weren't really interested in the Xbox or Playstation because of "all those buttons and sticks". A site may look flashy but if you don't enjoy navigating through it; then it becomes useless and you end up going to a site that gives you what you want without having to think about where to go because its all there right in front of you. (Gonintendo also posts the news faster than a speeding bullet and that also adds very much to their amount of hits everyday)

Simplicity Wins


Metaldave said...

Hmmm, I 'm not sure if that is spam or a complement. Thanks anyway I guess.

Anonymous said...

I can see the point you’re trying to make but you're effectively comparing two different things. Go-Nintendo is a blog and Game Spot is a website; both have different purposes.

Metaldave said...

Yeah thats true but maybe sites like Gamespot should be more simple. I made sure I put "Editorial" next to it so all you guys know that this is just my opinion and I thought I would share it with you all.

I think that Gonintendo is more than just blog, I mean Kevin did get invited to the special New York event and they didn't invite me so Gonintendo has some legs no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and thats exactly why facebook is better than myspace. Clean. Another case would be iTunes>Windows Media Player... at least in my opinion

Jason said...

nice plug -