Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Saturday Comic-Con 2006 trip

Well besides being 113 degrees in the inland valleys(where I live in San Diego), it was a really good day. I took a drive downtown to the Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center. I Got to meet Charles Martinet(voice of Mario) and a Nintendo programer that works on translating all Pokemon games to english. I met some Playboy Playmates too.....they were nice.

I said "hey bro, where's the Wii?" The programer(forgot his name) jokingly told me that they didn't want to take away the business from all the other vendors there. Makes sense because if E3 is any indication, the Wii would have caused an uproar and no one else would have gotten any attention.

Charles Martinet was busy signing autographs to a huge line of fans(mostly kids) but he(kidding) told me that he wished the Wii was there at Comic-Con, it would've made his life easier! He was a really nice guy, and his voice had a slight high pitch to it, so you can see that its no problem for him to do the Mario voice because of it.

The Playmates I met were Tiffany Taylor(below), and Angel Boris(top). I don't need to tell you that they were hot because you already know that. I felt sorry for Angel because someone stole one of her Playboy mags that she was selling. She was sweet enough though to let me take a picture of her. Tiffany was nice too, but she didn't have much time to talk to me since she was being horded by guys from all angles. I took some pics of some other girls too.

I had a great time!


Anonymous said...

Oh gawdz!! I watns teh Oni Link adn Samus figures!!!1111!!!

Metaldave said...

Yeah they were pretty cool figures. I liked the Mario one too. I'm lucky I live in San Diego

Anonymous said...

You lucky man.I in the other hand got to seeit on g4tv.

Nice pix on the playmates ahhh!!!!! you lucky ???????.

Metaldave said...

Angel Boris is my favorite. Very nice in person too. There were A LOT of hot babes there, its what Comic-Con is expected to have. Good times.