Friday, May 05, 2006

More Wii art


I can't say that I really like the red one that much, but the top pic is very interesting indeed. Its nice to see people really using their imagination with the Wii name. To me the name is really starting to fit.

How do all of you feel about the name after a week of letting it all set in?


Metaldave said...

I never thought I'd actually like the name Wii after first hearing it.

Now I finding myself LIKING it! Wow. Why? Because I just "get" it now. There is not a better way to explain it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not in love with it.
Just when I think I am getting used to it, I get in a situation when I have to say it out loud to a friend and it still feels messed up.

Although, I must say its getting more easy to stomach as word of the games is coming out.

Wow, there are alot of games in the works. If they can keep up this hype through launch, name or no name, this thing should sell well.

Metaldave said...

Before I told my friend about the new name, I had to explain in detail the reasons behind the name. Once I did that, when I told him the name he kinda understood why.

Its all about the mass market.

Hardcore gamers hate the name.

To non-gamers the name looks interesting.