Friday, May 05, 2006

Call of Duty 3 official for Wii launch

With E3 headed our way just after the weekend, we knew we had to leave our readers with something promising while they wait for the big show. With that in mind, we've been granted permission from Activision to announce that Call of Duty 3 is headed to next-generation consoles this fall (that's 2006, folks). Here's the official line provided to us by Activision for the announcement:

"Through the eyes of four Allied soldiers, Call of Duty 3 brings players closer to the fury of combat as they fight through the Normandy Breakout, the harrowing offensive that liberated Paris and changed the fate of the world. Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty 3 is the follow up to the #1 next-generation game and is scheduled for a 2006 release."

So which systems does "next-generation" really mean? According to the end credits of the official trailer, logos for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's machines have all been included -- which makes it obvious as to where the game is going. You read correctly: a Wii version is on the way.

Link to IGN

Great news, I think we all knew this game was going to be on the Wii in some form.


Anonymous said...

shallow shooters like call of duty need wiimote it will enhance what wii allready have and encorage all new trick gameplay that plus next gen graphics i dont see any reason on playing a fps on anything but wii

Anonymous said...

Another pre-render footage? Yeesh!

I thought developers were going to come out of the closet this E3 about their next-gen titles.