Monday, February 06, 2006

*Rumor* Creator of Halo interested in Revolution?

"The father of the Halo series, Jason Jones, is extremely interested in working on the Nintendo Revolution, according to the latest issue of EGM. This hasn't been made public it seems because Microsoft has kept the interview hidden from the public. In the interview Mr. Jones talks about a FPS on the system and some of the great ideas he had for it. "

Nintendo Revolution

If Microsoft has Jason Jones by their little finger then he probably won't be allowed to make games on other platforms besides Xbox360. However, if he has these ideas about how a FPS game would be on Revolution I'm sure he would find a way to make it if he really wants to do it. If he does make a FPS on Revolution I hope it would be better than Halo(too slow).


game on said...

Where is this amazing news from? Is this in the EGM? FPS are going to be amazing on the rev. and it seems like a perfect fit. Good post.

Metaldave said...

It is suppose to be from EGM. I have not gotten my issue in the mail yet so I can't confirm for sure. There is a really good chance it is true though. I mean who wouldn't want to make a FPS on Revolution?

Michael said...

Yeah, I agree, FPS on revolution should actually be worth playing. I haven't really enjoyed an FPS on any console since goldeneye/perfect dark. Shortly after I played those games I discovered Q3A and after using the KB/M for that game, the dual analog setup just seemed terrible. And yes, HALO IS SOOOOOOOO SLOW!

I think thats why its popular. The kids and beginner FPS'ers like it because its alot easier to manage than the fast paced action of games like Q3A.

I can't wait for Metroid Prime Revolution as well as any "true" FPS they come out with, (the ubisoft one?)

Metaldave said...

I'm an Unreal Tournament kind of guy myself. The original UT and UT2004 are my favorites. That is why when ever one of my buddies invites me over to play Halo 2 its too easy for me to kill him and everyone at his house. They swear I have an Xbox and practice all day and all night but in truth if you have a PC and are good at FPS on them, then console FPS seem slow and boring when compared. The Revolution looks to bring all the speed to a console FPS. Can you imagine how good Halo would be on Revolution?

Metaldave said...

Iwata will be talking at the GDC this year, just to let anyone know who doesn't follow all the other sites that have posted this news already. I'm not going to post it because I think most of us already knew he was going to talk there this year. We will also see what Reggie has to say tomorrow at D.I.C.E