Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reggie almost confirms Revolution control for Zelda

There was more to the interview that EGM did with Reggie recently, take a look:

EGM: Speaking of Zelda, best-case scenario, it’s a few months away from the Revolution launch, worst case scenario is it’s coming out at the same time. Is there ever a point where you believe that it would be better to switch it over to Revolution? Or does it not matter, since the Revolution will be backward compatible with Cube games?

Reggie: Exactly. I think that our senior management has made it very clear that bringing Zelda: Twilight Princess out on GameCube is important, that we want to satisfy the GameCube fan base and have it be on that system. You’ve said the obvious, which is that [because] Revolution’s backward compatible, it will almost effectively be a launch title for Revolution. The trick will be what makes it special to play on Revolution, and to the extent that we could create something like that, boy, wouldn’t that be fantastic? Certainly one of the things that I would love to see is something that makes Zelda, when it’s played on Revolution, do something magical. And I think that any Nintendo fan would love to see that.

Revo Europe

Its looking like a good chance that we will see Zelda taking advantage of the Revolution controller. The only bad news about this is that we might have to wait all the way until November to play it. However, it would make this a first for a Nintendo system to launch with a Zelda game. Is 9 more months too much to ask? If this is really going to be the greatest game ever made, then I say its going to be well worth the wait.


game on said...

can't wait! ive been waiting for more than 2 years for this one.

Metaldave said...

More like almost 8 years for me. Wind Waker just didn't seem like a true Zelda game in my opinion. It was good just not as good as OOT.