Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Revolution mystery port? The saga continues....

Some clean, simple line art revealing some of the lesser-seen areas of the Revolution. The side of the unit features Gamecube memory card and controller ports, while the rear of the unit features the familiar power and A/V ports, along with 2 USB ports and--the soon to be object of much speculation--a mystery port!


Well, the time has come to see the back of the Revolution. With it comes more speculation of the small port above the A/V ports and in the other picture it looks like the Revolution has a second fan; for what you ask? A hard drive? Extra cooling for the CPU or GPU? Its hard to say really, because it could be for all of the above and none. Nintendo has made a very small system so a second fan may be necessary to keep the compact parts cool. Do you have a guess?

Take a look at this too this is a blogger with some good guesses as to what to make of all this. He says he works for AMN but won't give his real name of course. Make of him what you will but some of his ideas about these new sketches are interesting and worth a look.

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