Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reggie says Revolution will surpass the hype

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Matt from IGN interviewed Reggie about his D.I.C.E speech and about the GDC convention coming up.

With all the hype that has been building and building for the Revolution, Matt asked if the Revolution had a chance to live up to that hype come E3. Reggie said that "it will surpass the hype" and "will be fantastic".

Matt then asked about the GDC convention and Iwata's speech and how much Revolution info we can expect. Reggie hinted not to expect much. He said that Nintendo is really focusing on E3 for the bulk of the Revolution info and that Nintendo is still working with Iwata on his speech(so maybe he won't spill too much info?).

He also said that 2006 is going to be the year of the DS more than 2005 was, but that it will also be the year of the Revolution.

Less than 3 months now.....

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Metaldave said...

Its one thing to say "yes it will live up to the hype don't worry". Reggie has gone so far as to say that it will "surpass the hype", now that is confidence! He has seen and played the Revolution no doubt and knows that when we see it we are going to be floored with it.