Tuesday, February 21, 2006

n-Space developing numerous Revolution titles

According to online publication Orlando Sentinel, Florida-based developer n-Space is currently working on an undisclosed number of titles for Nintendo's next-generation console, code-named the Nintendo Revolution.

n-Space has worked on a number of licenses in the past, including Mary-Kate & Ashley, Rugrats and Duke Nukem. Nintendo employed the studio to develop the GameCube-exclusive first-person adventure Geist, which released last summer.

n-Space presently employs a staff of 50, but the studio is recruiting fresh talent to develop titles for multiple platforms. President Erick Dyke expects to add 20 art, production and designer types by the summer. The company is also doubling its physical space, taking an additional 7,000 square feet in the Westwood Plaza near SeaWorld.

According to sources close to the Advanced Media Network, the studio is developing more than one title for the Nintendo Revolution. However, it could not be confirmed if any of them will be shown at E3 2006 in May.

Revolution Report

Yet another confirmed Revolution developer. Now we all assumed that n-Space was going to hope on board, but doesn't this remind you of how the DS gain support before its launch? Little by little the same thing is happening for the Revolution. We know how its turned out for the DS so far, so this is another good sign for the Revolution.

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