Saturday, October 02, 2021

New 4K Nintendo Switch UPDATE: Upscaling Patent + Bloomberg Questionable Report & DLSS Rumor Fake?



 The 4K Nintendo Switch Rumors and Reports are never ending, but now we have some actual proof of some thing Nintendo has worked on for a Next Gen Switch. We also discuss Bloomberg and Mochizuki along with that DLSS rumor for a New Switch in 2021 looking like it had no chance of being a thing in the first place.

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Anemone-Six said...

Was hoping to be able to support you Dave. I made a video about why I believe Nintendo would get away with releasing a PS4 Pro power Wii U console next year. Basically it builds off the assumption that Lisa Su meant a 2020 release when she said "the next 3 - 4 years" (for the third design win) and proceeds under the idea that you were right and a PS4 Pro power console is happening.

The Wii U trolling came from leakers who overhyped PS4 and Xbox One as if they would leave it in the dust like PS2 did with Dreamcast but it turned out they were just a PS3.5 and an Xbox 540. Because the leakers do not have secret specs to mislead people and Xbox One is still the base model devs build off, I think Nintendo could do a rebranded Wii U. I really miss the Gamepad and would love to see it come back.

I'd like you to see it and tell me your thoughts. Have a great Christmas Dave.