Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nintendo Switch - Theoretical Firmware Update 5.1: How to Add Save Back Ups

After discussing with some Software Engineer Developers familiar on the matter, here is one solution for Nintendo to theoretically fix the backup save situation for the Nintendo Switch. This would not require cloud saves (one thing at a time) but only linking some very specific data to your Nintendo Network ID.

Problem to solve: Nintendo must change the way they are signing and locking saves to the Switch console memory.

Here is what Nintendo needs to do for the next Firmware Update 5.1 (or whatever it’s called): 

  • Update the public/private key cryptographic method (Mathematical Functions are used to generate them) for saves such that a new private key is assigned when you sign in with a NNID, thus removing the save signing from the system Memory tied to the console itself.

  • Enable save data backup to SD Card or USB Stick (if update allows for USB integration).

  • If your Switch bricks, a replacement Switch can access a new public key generated by your NNID, which can decrypt (Public Keys only decrypt) your backup save data from your SD Card. 

  • Insert your SD Card into Switch Replacement console and sign into Nintendo Network ID to link new console to your ID and this will sync the new public key to old SD Card backup saves thus making backup saves accessible on Switch replacement console to use on any re-downloaded software or carts previously purchased. NNID can also theoretically generate a new Private Key tied to your replacement Switch console as well. 

Hopefully Nintendo does this theoretically possible update in the future.

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