Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nintendo Switch - The Right Time For This To Happen?

The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost a year yet something the system has always had hasn't been used much at all. I think it's time

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I purchased World of Goo just to test the pointing tech. It is extremely accurate.

I'm waiting for any FPS utilizing the IR tech. I was disappointed when it was not used for Splatoon 2. I secretly was hoping they would patch Splatoon 2 with IR point tracking.
It is clear Nintendo designed the Joy Cons with advanced rumble as well as much improved IR tech but they are not "pushing" the tech yet...
Perhaps they are waiting for the right game to showcase?

And frankly, I would argue the Motion+ with 1:1 tracking was used to great effect with WiiSports Resort! I think it still holds up and got kids moving. Resort showed promise but
I guess the public spoke concerning motion control...

I prefer RE4, BOPS1, BOPS2, and Zombie Maps using the IR Wii pointer. Even the on-rails RE Chronicles series, House of the Dead 1&2/Overkill series, and Dead Space games are great shooter games.

I always felt the Wii Remote with the actual Motion+ dongle attached has a good feel and weight to shoot - seated & relaxed, while shooting from the hip, with my forearms resting on my thighs.