Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch - Is AAA Third Party Simply Not Happening?

We now have more developers coming out and speaking as to what the Switch might be like for game development, and some interesting comments on how AAA developers might see this system.

Link to Article

I’m hoping for the best guys, but we need to weigh this possibly after the most recent developer comments. I know that some Third Party games might not sell great on a Nintendo platform (Call of Duty, Battlefield) but the point is that when a brand new AAA I.P. is announced by a Third Party, if the Nintendo platform is left out (like Wii U was) it is cause for concern. Please listen to the whole video to see what I’m trying to explain. Thanks for your support and don’t forget to join me on Playeressence’s channel on January 12th, 8am PST where we will finally see what Nintendo has to offer for the Switch!

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