Monday, January 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch - 100+ Confirmed Games! & Addressing Hate

We discuss over 100 games now confirmed as coming to the Nintendo Switch! Which are you excited for? Also I address the false accusations that having spreading my way as of late. Also for those who have accused me of not being able to “get over” me being wrong about the Switch in October, watch the entire video before assuming you know where I’m coming from, because you obviously don’t. The people that keep bringing that up as some kind of argument or reason why I’m criticizing Nintendo are ignoring that with or without what I’m saying or this channel even existing, others who are Nintendo fans are saying the same things I am whether in big Youtube channels or in forums. If offering criticism of my favorite company because I want them to be the best in the industry in terms of getting market share marks me as a “Nintendo basher” by people that want to ignore anything but 100% happy Nintendo Land 365 days a year, then I think I’m not the one with the problem here.

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