Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nintendo NX - AMD Polaris P2P Direct Game Streaming

Tell me what you guys think about this, the NX is very likely using an AMD Polaris based GPU and these graphics cards have H.265 embedded in the hardware, something PlayStation 4 doesn’t have. With a Peer to Peer direct connection to your home from Nintendo server that simply sends your location (wherever you are) ip address back to your home ip address you’ll be able to have a near lag free experience made more possible by H.265 decoding that Polaris provides. So you could theoretically have an optional game controller with a LCD screen on it, maybe Vita resolution at 540p have your full home console experiences streamed easily anywhere you are. Not needing to sacrifice the home console power at all, and get to experience a near seamless experience in a portable fashion. This would be a win/win for both the popular North American market but also the Japanese market with Nintendo only needing to release (at first) one NX Home console. Likely of course, Nintendo will release a dedicated Handheld device at a later time, but for the here and now, and to regain Third Party support with games that are competitive with PS4/PS4 Neo and Xbox One, this would be the perfect option for Nintendo with the NX. The Final secret of the console is still a mystery however since “perfecting” remote play was only a few years away after Sony tried it and it worked pretty well with the Vita.

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