Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nintendo NX - 2016 A Bad Choice Now?

My thoughts on recent comments about how Nintendo releasing the NX in 2016 could be a bad choice for business.Thanks for all your support guys, you are overwhelming me with all the emails, comments and support. I truly appreciate it. So in regards to this info should Nintendo wait for NX until 2017 or should Nintendo drop the NX in 2016? You know how I feel on this...let me know what you think!


What'shot said...

Nx 2016 is the right choice for Nintendo. The Wii U is losing the interest of nintendo fans everywhere. WiiU has a nice library of sotfware but unfortunately isnt bringing home the bacon. The release of the Nx is sparking new hope and momentum in the hearts of nintendo fans. Nintendo will take back the consumers they lost to Sony and Microsoft with the Nx console. I believe the Nx will have backwards compatibility as well as a strong launch software library.As for launching this holiday season against Sonys VR headset and rivals alike. Nintendo shouldnt be too worried those headsets will be very expensive and fizzy out much like 3d tv's. Imagine has Nintendo titles with the power to surpass x1 and ps4. The thought alone make nintendo fans salivate. Go with the momentum your building. Im predicting atleast 10million nx console sells by end of 2016.. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that Mario/Nintendo is taking the white gloves off with the Nx.

Gregory Weagle said...

If Nintendo NX is a third pillar system like Nintendo DS; then 2016 is perfectly acceptable as a release date because it would have to be a new concept that actually works and makes it different from smartphones that it would gain an under-served audience. I'm hoping it's the case; because Nintendo needs one more than a new console nor portable without resorting to the cheap way out which is mobile. If it's a portable system; then 2016 is fine if the Nintendo 3DS sales come below the revised forecasts from Nintendo themselves, otherwise; they can wait on until 2017 . If it's a console; then a 2016 release date is a bad move. Wii U has been losing interest among Nintendo fanboys for the last couple of years; but a rushed launch with a console would make things even worse. Nintendo cannot afford to abort the Wii U console right now. It's like PS3 all over again; it's stuck in a moment and it cannot get out. 2017 is a different can of beans on that front and it would be better if Nintendo wait until 2017 so that they get their third party developers in a row and make them care about a new console instead of the same old policy that fell them with Wii U.

On a personal level; I'm giving the NX the same treatment I gave when Wii was first introduced: Prove to me that you have hope; or I'm not buying another console period. Everything the Wii U does is done more effectively with Nintendo 3DS. Graphics mean nothing if the 3DS gives me easier access to the plays I want to play. (Yeah; RPG's. I did play Alphadia Genesis on Wii U more than Smash Brothers Wii U too; and now playing Alphadia on 3DS with Project X Zone 2.)