Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nintendo NX - One APU Powers all Devices?

What would be the most cost effective way Nintendo could make NX for cross play between console and handheld?

 Disabling parts of a GPU or CPU is something that Nvidia and AMD have been doing for a long time to save money on chips that don't necessarily need to be remade, just resold at a lower price. I'm thinking Nintendo would be smart to do with NX with their devices, so all could run the same games easily but with low - high settings.

Tell me what you guys think! 

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Unknown said...

more than likely but i dont see nintendo using crippeled hardware...

maybe but there very had to please with reliabillity etc, i can see two apus exactly the same at either the same or different clock speeds or a handheld that docks then speeds up

example handheld is 1ghz cpu 500 mhz gpu docked its 2ghz and 1ghz with fan assist,2 the handgeld is 1ghz the console is 2ghz