Friday, January 22, 2016

Nintendo NX - Analyst Opinion is Rumor News?!

IGN has done a lot of good for the gaming industry over the years, but this was something I wasn't expecting from them. No disrespect to IGN guys, I have followed them for 20 years and I have always liked them. This was very strange though lol. Let me know what you think.

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Unknown said...

so true and this COUGH rumor is nothing more than iwatas own words and continued nintendo reports THE ACCOUNTS AND MY NINTENDO WILL WORK ACROSS ALL DEVICES this is not some hidden rumor or a leak or NEWS...

its what iwata said when he announced nx and smart phone support,everyone already knows the nx and the smart phone bussiness will work together how is this news-or leak or rumor.

its existing confimed FROM NINTENDO information,there just adding in ps4 and trying to make it sound as if nintendo is going third party in some weird connect way..

im sick of this weird stuff being put out as news,nx might be electronics inside a plastic box SHOCK NEWS

nx will play videogames OH MY GOD AMAZING

pachter is at it again NINTENDO WILL KEEP TRYING as if tge most successful biggest profiting company in videogaming is some PUNK company,there all acting like they did thu out the wii DS era