Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nintendo Making Retro Console?

Nintendo knows the retro game better than anyone; what about making an entire console based on it? Let me know guys, would you buy a Nintendo console that is focused solely on retro games from their own catalog? For me, that would be amazing, but that's just me :)

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Unknown said...


NX should be multipul devices with retro support all via the new my nintendo system and future proof and innovation

then on the side a RETRO only console with a all in one retro controller or bunch of controllers with a internet connection

this device could be a retro looking box with full support for retro and phone games ONLY no NX support and deliver all the games so they display currectly on a hd tv set

nes snes gb gbc gba ds n64 gc and add in third party games and maybe other games and new retro style games

all this plays on nx systems but the retro console ONLY PLAYS THE RETRO